What We Believe


We all deserve better.

Our purpose is simple.

In a single word, our why is 'Better' — we all deserve better.

Whether it's as silly as a better hula hoop made with sustainable materials, impactful as employer empathy achieved through DEI initiatives, or critical as a better healthcare system to deliver life-changing patient results — we strive to be a light for 'Better' in everything we do.


A world where every business operates ethically, contributing to the greater good, while also celebrating profitability.

In a world where profit can eclipse purpose, we envision a rising tide of organizations at the intersection of capitalism and ethics.

We believe business can thrive financially while driving incremental, positive change for the greater good.

We climb hills today with our sights set on scaling mountains tomorrow.


To amplify foundational character into resonant branding and compelling activation, empowering net positive businesses to achieve financial success as well as a sustainable future.

To achieve our vision, we empower values-centered, impact-motivated businesses to reshape the dynamic between making money and leaving an admirable legacy.

We unite deep business understanding with resonant brand expression. We rely on established methodologies and dare to test innovative strategies. We distill hidden brilliance, crystalize value, and communicate clearly. We build credibility to capture audience attention through refined messaging, simplified offerings, and elevated visual appeal. We nurture inner loyalty and champion outward growth.

We're not brushing on a new coat of paint — we're crafting heirloom brands to the core, balancing immediate business needs with the promise of an equitable and sustainable future.


Empowered Optimism

— We plan the future we want
— We see the future we desire, and we have a plan to get there

Pragmatic Ambition

— Our big dreams are within reach
— We have lofty dreams, and they’re realistically within our grasp

Empathetic Rigor

— Our high standards are adaptable
— We are tenacious, and recognize the importance of compassion

Reliable Integrity

— We achieve perfection incrementally
— We give it our all, and we know that small achievements will add up

Honest Wit

— We balance candor with levity
— We are effective communicators, and add humor to dispel tension

Who is behind all this?


“What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.”
Jane Goodall

The Lou Lab is an independent, women-owned branding agency. 
We are proud to represent <1% of agencies owned by women.
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